A really really closeup ASMR video (Unusual Triggers) (Bonus Content) (4K) (Words in Parentheses) – Ephemeral Rift


I own a really good macro lens that is really good at taking really close-up images of really small things and making them appear really big. I used it to take really close-up video of the really good stereo microphone that’s attached really well to my really good audio recorder. I then used various objects to brush, tap, scratch, scrape, pick, peck and poke really good at, on and around the aforementioned microphone. There is even some really bonus content of really shoving the recorder into a bowl and container that are really full of really different things which really will be its own full length video in the really near future. And that’s really it!

00:00:00 Really permanent tingles
00:02:58 A really different kind of exam
00:06:50 Not really preparing for a shave
00:08:49 The Vinyl Nameless Red One Who Smiles
00:10:40 These matches are really lit!
00:13:44 You should really listen to this mixtape!
00:16:06 What if it’s really not #2 though…
00:20:28 It really should be called “Sleep Hour"
00:22:34 It really must be Halloween
00:23:57 Really Resident Relaxation
00:25:25 They’re really not just for building
00:28:46 Inner Peace via Inner Sleeve. Really!
00:30:19 [Really Redacted]
00:35:59 Corvus really doesn’t mind
00:38:21 The microphones really are the canvas
00:40:37 It’s really not just for storing food
00:43:39 He’s really trying to make a little extra scratch
00:44:26 Not-So-Really-Evil Scientist Does ASMR
00:46:21 There’s really no need to say “Ah"
00:46:45 Are you really… tired… yet?
00:48:30 Really not trying to clean your ears
00:49:33 Bonus: This really isn’t how coffee is made
00:50:37 Bonus: The Really Sacred Mallows of the Marsh
00:51:51 Bonus: Your Ears in a Container of Lego Bricks

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