The Best ASMR Triggers, Brain Tingling for Deep Sleep [KU100] – Macoto ASMR まこと。


Thank you so much for visiting my channel! My name is macoto.(まこと)
$100,000 USD audio equipment!(Mic$10,000 USD.Comp, EQ, limiter, preamplifier $90,000 USD.)

I am an audiophile and collect various audio equipment.
ASMR streams are planned around 1.5 hours, starting from 0 AM, JST (irregular schedule).
May the sleep sounds bring peace in your daily lives.
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Contents include: cosplay ear licking, sleep/relax ASMR etc.
Niconico has superior sound quality compared to YouTube.
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1:18 ネイルタッピング/tapping
2:45 耳の泡洗浄/form
6:53 保湿ジェルマッサージ/gel massage
11:01 耳奥ジェルボール/gel massage
14:50 ジェルタッピング/tapping
15:19 肩叩き/shoulder massage
15:41 指圧で肩と耳をほぐす/ear massage
17:23 軽石耳ほぐし/stone massage
18:11 軟骨もみほぐし/massage
18:54 ローラーリンパマッサージ/facial roller
20:03 耳ほぐし/ear massage
25:30 耳つぼ刺激/prickly massage
27:30 トントン/tapping
30:36 甘やかしタオル/towel
36:25 クリームマッサージ/cream massage
37:49 耳裏なぞり/scrub massage
39:18 耳塞ぎ/ear cupping
【耳掃除タイム/ear cleaning】
43:51 右耳梵天/fluffy earpick
44:49 左耳梵天/fluffy earpick
45:03 両耳梵天/fluffy earpick
46:47 左耳ゴリゴリ竹耳かき/earpick
52:14 右耳ゴリゴリ竹耳かき/earpick
57:20 左耳綿棒/cotton swab
59:34 右耳綿棒/cotton swab
1:01:45 仕上げの梵天/fluffy earpick
1:03:37 マッサージ/cream massage
1:06:56 クリーム&ジェル/cream & gel
1:15:17 指圧マッサージ/soft massage

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All of the background music in my stream are my own original songs.
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