ASMR Testing 63 Different Clicky Keys | Super Switch Mechanical Keyboard Tester – Gibi ASMR


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WOOO today’s video is one that is extremely self indulgent … so thank you for allowing me … LOL
This is the Super Switch Tester that I bought specifically for ASMR, and then actually found that it came in handy and now I want like 10 more keyboards oh NOOOO

Also as stated in the video, I am NOTTTTTT a mechanical keyboard expert AT ALL, so if you ARE; my lack of knowledge will probably be quite cringy… I’m doing this for the ASMR!! I claim no knowledge! LOL

Sleep well to the click click clicks 🙂

Aaand here’s a link to it if you want to follow along, I have been sponsored by Drop before but not this time, I ordered this myself!

Goodnight everyone! ~ Deep Ear Attention video coming next week 🙂

Gibi ~

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