ASMRP Ep. 1 with Dave – Ephemeral Rift


Welcome to the first episode of the Arkham Sanitarium Music Relaxation Program featuring Doctor Dave! The goal of the ASMRP is to help provide relaxation, sleep, and peace of mind in addition to the regularly scheduled treatment sessions. The ASMRP is a special one hour music session which is broadcast once a day, every day, throughout Arkham Sanitarium. From the experiment and patient rooms, to the cafeteria and pool, the amusement park, the zoo, the aquarium, the casino, the PVP (Patient vs Patient) gladiator stadium, outside in the woods, down in the deep sea oceanic observatory, up in the space station, in the top secret underground facility at the center of the earth that connects to the vending machine at the end of the Northwest hallway on the third floor in the poltergeist ward that not even the professor or Corvus are aware of, and pretty much everywhere on this particular Earth that’s capable of receiving a radio signal except the NWO HQ since they refuse to pay the monthly service fee and instead broadcast pirated copies of the program. At least in this particular timeline, obviously.

00:00:00 Welcome to the ASMRP
00:00:12 Hello My Friend & Friends (Synth Sound 1)
00:01:08 About the ASMRP
00:02:50 (Synth Sound 2)
00:06:51 (Synth Sound 3)
00:11:48 Rifting or Buried (Synth Sound 4)
00:15:06 R’laxin R’lyehian 1
00:15:56 Space Flight (Synth Sound 5)
00:19:34 R’laxin R’lyehian 2 (Synth Sound 6)
00:23:15 Brain Bubbles (Synth Sound 7)
00:27:01 R’laxin R’lyehian 3 (Synth Sound 8)
00:29:28 Floating Part 1 (Synth Sound 9)
00:34:13 Floating Part 2 (Synth Sound 10)
00:37:56 Forest Planet (Synth Sound 11)
00:44:35 R’laxin R’lyehian 4 (Synth Sound 12)
00:46:09 It’s Gettin’ Weird
00:49:27 R’laxin R’lyehian 5 (Synth Sound 13)
00:55:02 Signing Off (Synth Sound 14)
01:01:17 R’laxin R’lyehian 6

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Ephemeral Rift
Ephemeral Riftのその他の動画