Alternate Universe Corvus | ASMR – Ephemeral Rift


Once upon a time in another universe, you find yourself at a facility known by the abbreviation of A.S.M.R., where you undergo the new patient intake process with one Doctor Corvus, whose appearance vaguely reminds you of someone, but whose voice is unfamiliar.

00:00:00 Welcome, New Patient!
00:02:58 This Week’s NWO Stipend
00:06:12 Reviewing Your Chart
00:12:43 Health Questionnaire
00:16:50 About Corvus’ Family
00:18:28 Resuming the Questionnaire
00:19:57 Oral Exam
00:20:58 Eye Exam / About Corvus’ Genetics
00:22:16 Eye Exam I
00:26:03 Eye Exam II (Eye Chart)
00:27:43 Mending the Broken Patients
00:28:44 Physical Checkup (Heart, Lungs, Brain)
00:33:40 The Purpose of the A.S.M.R.
00:34:48 Treatment I: Leather Gloves
00:38:18 Treatment II: Founding Doctor Statue
00:42:03 Treatment III: Large Rubber Duckie
00:46:46 Treatment IV: Calming Hand Movements
00:47:55 Treatment V: Negative & Positive Energy
00:49:02 Treatment VI: Corvus’ Jacket
00:50:13 New Patient Gift
00:52:55 Have We Met Before?
00:54:02 Concluding the Intake Process

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Ephemeral Rift
Ephemeral Riftのその他の動画