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HELLO!!! Y’all have to help me name this trigger/concept – it’s like visualizations but NOT??
This is what I think of when I say visualizations:
and TipToes:

But this is like – similar but different ish?? Maybe the same! LET ME KNOW
But more importantly… I hope you leave me some comments to read because I really am dying to know what everyone else “saw"! It also reminds me of this viral image/tweet I’ve seen many times about how different people conceptualize and “see" different level of detail in their head. The original tweet was deleted but you can google like;;; apple visualization exercise to see what I mean haha.

Anyway. 🙂
Sleep well!!! Or maybe this one’s more interactive/can’t fall asleep to it – but anything where you have to close your eyes, i feel like these knock me out every time!
Goodnight all!


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