“What am I gonna do for the next video?” ASMR – Ephemeral Rift


Apparently this video. Welcome to an externalized conversation I have in my head pretty much every day. This is a soft-spoken, almost-normal voice volume, because of the bathroom exhaust fan in the background (which will be it’s own video soon enough, and which also serves as a gateway to another universe but that’s a story for another time). Hopefully you find this relaxing, get some insight into future ideas & my creative and thought processes, listen to me rant briefly about hug back slaps, see the cats we used to own back ~2000, and hopefully experience some ASMR tingles and sleep (if that’s even possible to do with this video).

00:00:00 This is where the video begins
00:00:11 “What am I gonna do for the next (this) video?"
00:02:34 Hello!
00:03:08 A missed opportunity
00:05:23 Ideas I’ve been considering
00:12:26 Embracing the inevitable
00:15:19 Tapping on my skull
00:16:17 We all got somethin’ / Rise above
00:18:57 Coming up with ideas
00:25:29 Is it just me?
00:27:15 Less is More, and Les is Moore
00:30:18 How about a hug
00:31:44 Ranting about hug back slaps
00:32:39 You are here now
00:35:40 Seeds
00:37:43 The Medicine Cabinet of ASMR
00:39:24 Bubble wrap mailer
00:40:22 Bathroom exhaust fan
00:41:30 Bubble wrap mailer (continued)
00:44:34 White noise (old scanner radio)
00:48:07 Can ribbing
00:49:49 Our past cats
00:50:00 Can ribbing continued
00:52:04 That’s it!
00:53:41 This is where the video ends

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