Sitting in the Rain for ASMR, Relaxation & Sleep – Ephemeral Rift


It was raining one morning (September 6, 2022 to be exact), so I rushed to put on my thrift store best, then grabbed an umbrella along with my recording gear and a lawn chair. I then proceeded post-haste into the back yard to capture the authentic sound of the rain falling onto the aforementioned device of protection from inclement weather elements. I used a pair of in-ear binaural microphones, so it will sound like you’re right there with me. Unfortunately, this ended up being the last 40 minutes of the rain, so I looped the steadiest/best 15 minutes in order to make this long enough for relaxation and sleeping purposes.

00:00:00 Hello and welcome! 🙂
00:04:01 Rain sounds only – starts here
00:20:25 15 minute audio looped section
02:38:44 Last 20 minutes of the rain with fade-out

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