Unintelligible Whispers Collection (+ new scene) | ASMR compilation from the roleplays – Moonlight Cottage ASMR


Good evening ! Tonight let’s relax with a tingly compilation of quiet clips from various roleplays , with extra scenes, featuring unintelligible whispers and many different sounds. Sleep well 😴

00:00 Intro, going through old scripts (new scene)
01:40 Wand picking (Wand Shop)
07:05 Interlude I (paper sounds)
08:50 Letter reading (The Lady of the Manor)
11:06 Weighing coins (The Debts of the Manor)
14:20 Soap & lotion picking (The Hair Parlour)
17:20 Interlude II
18:30 Potion preparation (Meet the Apothecary)
19:12 Page flipping (Back to the Apothecary)
22:12 Stone picking (Learning from the Apothecary)
22:41 Interlude III
23:50 Going through letters (The perks of being a Servant)
25:35 Sorting jewelry (Returning from a late Night Ball)
27:14 Checking measurements (A Royal Gown)
30:50 Interlude IV
32:05 Potion preparation (The Banished Spell Scribe)
36:10 Chalks / Tokens picking (Old-fashioned French lessons)
38:25 Interlude V
40:05 Makeup / hairpins picking (Getting you ready for the Ball, 1812)
41:33 Picking : chess pieces, seal, fan (A French Court’s Game)
43:28 Interlude VI
44:45 More Picking : goggles, lenses (Steampunk Optometrist)
49:19 Outro

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Featured roleplays (in order) :
Wand shop :

The Lady of the Manor :

The Debts of the Manor :

The Hair Parlour :

Beard trim & shave :

Meet the Apothecary :

Back to the Apothecary :

Learning from the Apothecary :

An Audience with the Banished Spell Scribe (collab with Somnoblin Scripts ASMR) :

An Old-fashioned French Lesson :

Another old-fashioned French Lesson :

The Perks of Being a Servant :

Returning from a late Night Ball :

A Royal Gown :

Getting you ready for the Ball, 1812 :

A French Court’s game :

The Steampunk Optometrist :

Eye & Ear exam with the Steampunk Optometrist :

Steampunk Cranial Nerve Exam :

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‣ Camera : Panasonic Lumix GH4
‣ Lens: Panasonic 12-35mm / 2.8 F
‣ Microphones / recorder : Sennheiser MK4 + Zoom livetrak8
‣ Tripod : Benro KH26NL

Disclaimer :
This video was created for relaxation / entertainment only. For any serious trouble with sleep, stress etc., please consult your physician.
For more information about ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), please have a look here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response


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