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Ancient folklore tells the tale of a bathroom exhaust fan once purchased from a big box hardware store by a middle-aged man who paid an electrician to install it in order to replace the previous fan that was as loud as a jet engine. Others will have you believe it is a yet-to-be-classified anomalous entity of unknown origin and power capable of making people relax, sleep, and even teleporting them between dimensions, universes, and even to the past & future of their own timelines. And yet we haven’t even begun to discuss the Cult of the Bathroom Exhaust Fan which worships it as an eldritch deity, that one patient at Arkham Sanitarium who gibbers incessantly about it, the rotting cryptic scroll which remains clasped in the hands of an Australopithecus skeleton that has yet to be found and lays buried beneath the foundation of the house which may once and for all provide answers to the fan’s origin and creators, the strange lights and sounds that 7 year old Margaret swears she sees and hears outside her bedroom window whenever the moon wanes crescent though mom and dad pass it off as nothing more than her wild imagination, nor the multiverse that resides within it. And then there are those who, like moths to a flame, feel drawn to watch, listen, and comment on, this video.

00:00:00 Chapter 1: The First Hour
01:00:00 Chapter 2: The Second Hour
02:00:00 Chapter 3: The Third Hour
03:00:00 Chapter 4: The Fourth Hour
04:00:00 Chapter 5: The Fifth Hour
05:00:00 Chapter 6: The Sixth Hour
06:00:00 Chapter 7: The Seventh Hour
07:00:00 Chapter 8: The Eight Hour
08:00:00 Chapter 9: The Ninth Hour
09:00:00 Chapter 10: The Tenth Hour

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