The ERU Meets Rimworld Ep. 1 (Stereo ASMR, Controller Sounds) (Console Edition) – Ephemeral Rift


I use my typical left & right stereo microphone setup (which also captures the controller sounds in the background) in this relaxing, sleep and ASMR-inducing gameplay of this gem of an indie game which I *JUST* recently discovered in mid-October (2022), even though it’s been out since 2013! Better late than never, eh!?

I plan on doing a role-play at some point in the near future (doctor? merchant? who knows!), but I couldn’t resist the urge to do a gameplay video first, especially since the soundtrack accompanying it is fantastic, courtesy of @Alistair Lindsay (gotta love that Pink Floyd nod/rendition). I planned on doing a simple walkthrough gameplay video, but then something wonderful happened: I ran into a technical issue! Later that day is when it struck me: this game provides the perfect sandbox to inject my own characters into it, and perform my usual ad-lib, improv role-playing! Kind of like what I did with Minecraft years ago (which I plan on revisiting at some point).

I’ll be doing this at least once a month, maybe twice, maybe even every week! And yes, I actually spent about 2-3 hours randomly generating pawns that had just the right stats that would make sense for the given character, i.e. Margaret being passionate in both Plants and Medical. I know the PC version has mods, and the Ideology and Biotech DLC’s, which us console players don’t have, yet (I hope we don’t have to wait too long for them!). I may switch over to PC just to access the DLC at some point in the future, but for now let’s just get through this playthrough first. Thanks to Ludeon Studios, Double Elven, et al., both for porting this to the console, and for developing an excellent, intuitive HUD.

The ERU:

00:00:00 Day 1: The Entity, the Stranded, and the Work
00:26:23 Day 2: The Garden, the Kitchen, and the Pen
00:42:54 Day 3: Harvesting, Defenses, and a Visitor
00:56:25 Day 4: Taming, Hunting, and the First Encounter
01:10:49 Day 5: A Fight Breaks Out, the Colony Gets a Name
01:22:05 Day 6: Raiders Attack!
01:33:47 Day 7: Healing Wounds, the Prof’s Research Bench
01:40:23 Day 8: Slave Traders, Kibble, and Sleep

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