ERU x Rimworld – Ep. 2 – Days 9 to 14 (Stereo ASMR, Controller Sounds) (Console Edition) – Ephemeral Rift


Episode 2 of the weekly ERU and Rimworld relaxing, ASMR gameplay crossover, where the Entity has sent some Arkham Sanitarium residents to a distant planet to see how long they will survive!

In case you’re new here:

00:00:00 Day 9: The Count and the Manhunter
00:21:59 Day 10: Growing Smokeleaf, An Animal in Distress
00:33:38 Day 11: Complex Furniture, When Muffalos Attack!
00:49:55 Day 12: Tending the Wounded
01:02:32 Day 13: Psychotic Breaks, Another Raid
01:17:30 Day 14: Of Meat, Visitors, and Spacecraft Chunks

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