Triple Rift ASMR (4K) – Ephemeral Rift


Welcome to another experiment (which I don’t think I’ve done before) where I stitched together 3 separate recording sessions to create this unique visual & aural experience. I plan to do this more often, perhaps next time with all the same sounds lined up together, and of course definitely with some of the ERU characters whether it’s 1 (e.g. 3 different Corvuses) or 3 (e.g. Margaret, Dave & Corvus).

In addition to the triggers listed in the timestamps, there are moments of quiet sprinkled throughout so as not to be a constant barrage of sound, as well as plenty of my unintelligible gibberish speak, or what some consider to be R’lyehian, the language of the Elder Gods.

00:00:00 We hope you are doing…
00:00:25 Paper Towel Tube, Speaking, Axe
00:01:25 Tube, Batteries, Axe
00:04:26 Tube, Hand Motions/Jacket Sounds, Axe
00:05:14 Tube, Motions/Jacket, Bottle Cap/Trigger Words
00:07:40 Tie & Jacket, Motions/Jacket, Cap/Words
00:10:44 Mic Cover, Tissue Package, Cap/Words
00:13:20 Speaking, Tissue Package, Liquid Dropper
00:13:53 Monster Hands, Tissue Package, Liquid Dropper
00:18:46 Monster Hands, Book Tapping, Liquid Dropper
00:21:36 Monster Hands, Book Tapping, Mic Screen
00:22:36 Handheld Fan, Book Tapping, Paint Roller
00:23:08 Handheld Fan, Page Turning, Paint Roller
00:26:30 Speaking, Page Turning, Words/Mic Cover
00:28:17 Lego Joystick, Page Turning, Jacket Sounds
00:32:48 Lego Joystick, Spare Hands, Jacket Sounds
00:33:38 Bottle Capping, Spare Hands, Jacket Sounds
00:36:55 Bottle Capping, PS4 Controller, Handheld Fan
00:40:20 Tweezers, PS4 Controller, Handheld Fan
00:45:55 Gibberish, PS4 Controller, Tissue Package
00:46:47 Liquid Dropper, Jacket Sounds, Tissue Package
00:50:05 Liquid Dropper, White Noise, Tissue Package
00:52:14 Hourglass, White Noise, Lego Joystick
00:55:27 Gear Sounds, White Noise, Lego Joystick
00:57:06 Gear Sounds, Ribbed Can, Lego Joystick
00:57:43 Gear Sounds, Ribbed Can, Final Words
00:59:01 Gear Sounds, Handheld Fan, Final Words
00:59:55 Gear Sounds, Handheld Fan, Monster Hands
01:01:53 Final Words, Handheld Fan, Monster Hands
01:03:20 Analog Phone, Handheld Fan, Monster Hands
01:04:55 Analog Phone, Final Words, Monster Hands
01:05:45 Tissue Package, Final Words, Monster Hands
01:06:20 Tissue Package, Metal Chain, Monster Hands

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Ephemeral Rift
Ephemeral Riftのその他の動画