Relax with the Margarets | ASMR – Ephemeral Rift


You wake to find yourself in Margaret’s, or rather Margarets’ garden, where after a very brief 3 year hiatus (her last official appearance was Nov. 2019 and AU Margaret doesn’t count), she has returned not only to pay you a personal visit and check on your health, but she also brings you soil from her travels, shares with your her experimental seeds, asks you to be her garden apprentice, and even decorates your very own mask!

00:00:00 The Margarets
00:01:14 Empress Margaret’s Health Checkup
00:15:11 Día de Muertos Margaret’s Seeds
00:31:45 Porcelain Margaret’s Soil Samples
00:46:20 Button-eyed Margaret’s Apprentice
00:59:12 Random Margaret Decorates Your Mask
01:10:24 Mossy Margaret’s Time to Sleep

Stay tuned for a “making of" video (early Jan. 2023) which will include a personal thank you, as Margaret’s return would never have happened without the ideas and inspiration from you, the viewers & subscribers (I tried to accommodate as many ideas as I could in the time I had, but more about that later). Now that she’s officially back, I can finally get around to doing another long overdue Visiting Hours, and who knows what else, maybe even Margaret & the ASMRP! It feels like a long lost piece of the puzzle has finally been found.

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Ephemeral Rift
Ephemeral Riftのその他の動画