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Hi, I’m Anil Cakmak ur asmr barber. This is Asmr Head Massage, Positive Triggers In Barber Shop Inc. asmr head, asmr ear massage ..

People are watching asmr and asmr massage for anxiety and insomnia relief. Asmr helps also to sleep faster. I got many customers and viewers from all over the world. Today you will watch a pilot. It was an honor to welcome him by my barber shop. The reason is not his profession. In his short time he choosed to visit me. This made me happy.
Thank you.
And Congratulations on your engagement.
You will watch in this asmr relief video; asmr head massage, asmr ear massage, asmr scalp massage, asmr neck massage, asmr face massage, asmr back massage, asmr tool massage ..

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