Post-Apocalyptic ASMR Radio – Ephemeral Rift


Many millennia into the future of a post-apocalyptic world, one man dedicates his time to providing relaxation, stress relief and sleep to any other inhabitants on earth or to those elsewhere in the multiverse who are able to tune in to his broadcast.

00:00:00 Greetings & Salutations
00:02:14 Location Coordinates
00:04:20 A Guessing Game
00:14:56 Old World video game controller
00:21:03 Old World plastic wrap
00:25:57 Old World ratcheting screwdriver
00:29:47 Old World music disc cases
00:35:20 Old World barber scissors
00:38:47 Old World leather glove
00:42:47 Old World corkscrew opener
00:47:23 Old World pestle and mortar
00:52:22 Old World bag of coffee beans
00:56:03 Signing off

This is something I’ve wanted to do ever since acquiring the vintage microphone used in this video a few years ago. So I guess this is partly inspired by the Fallout video games which have featured radio broadcasts, and The Walking Dead tv show although I had a similar idea before ever seeing Eugene Porter’s radio scenes in season 10. Call it synchronicity, coincidence, Multiple Discovery, etc., etc.

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Ephemeral Rift
Ephemeral Riftのその他の動画