ASMR Friend Pampers You ⛅ Tingly Spa & Makeup (Layered Sounds) – Jocie B ASMR


Hey love : ) let me pamper you with a tingly spa treatment, scalp massage, brow grooming/plucking, face massage, and soft makeup ft. lots of layered sounds ♡ Hope this helps you sleep, te quiero!

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00:00 – intro, comforting words
01:35 – incense lighting
04:52 – face inspecting/touching (softly layered)
06:56 – crinkles, water sounds, glass
07:58 – face cleansing (layered)
08:55 – lid sounds, tapping
09:49 – face cleansing (layered)
12:33 – face mask tapping, glass, brushes
15:11 – honey face mask application (layered)
16:55 – scalp massage, hand sounds (layered)
21:17 – lid sounds, lip scrub (layered)
23:50 – cleansing (layered)
25:54 – moisturizer/lid/brush sounds
28:12 – skincare face brushing (layered)
30:27 – glass dropper
32:02 – face patting (layered)
33:43 – sunscreen tapping
35:21 – sunscreen application (layered)
37:30 – face roller massage (layered)
40:50 – eyebrow grooming, spoolie nibbling (layered)
43:55 – lash serum pumping, application (layered)
47:47 – makeup bag triggers
48:48 – primer lid sounds, tapping
49:26 – sticky primer application (layered)
50:42 – foundation tapping
51:37 – foundation application & blending (layered)
53:36 – bronzer tapping & finger application (layered)
55:17 – brush sounds and face brushing (layered)
57:56 – concealer pumping & blending (layered)
1:00:56 – blush palette & brush sounds
1:01:33 – face brushing (layered)
1:04:00 – eyeshadow lid sounds, application (layered)
1:06:15 – eyeshadow brush blending (layered)
1:07:24 – pencil sharpener triggers
1:08:27 – eyeliner application (layered)
1:09:02 – mascara application (layered)
1:10:11 – eyebrow brushing & filling (layered)
1:11:33 – lip liner, balm, and gloss application
1:15:40 – setting spray sounds

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