Ultra Mega Fast ASMR For ZE TINGLES – ASMR Glow


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This ASMR video includes fast asmr with shaving cream, inspecting your face, counting your freckles (i forgot in the video but i know this from GraceV!!), tapping, buttons on controller, brushing your face, giving you directions… lotsa stuff! Click the bell to have notifications, like & subscribe, it would make my DAY!

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Time stamps (thanks NC!!):

00:00 ad
2:38 Multilingual freckle-counting
4:30 Inspecting your face
5:30 Asking you questions
8:58 Shaving cream
12:16 Looking different directions
13:00 Face brushing
15:20 Fast tapping
17:15 Smashing game buttons
19:10 Brushing eyebrows
20:50 Fast hand movements



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