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Hey, I’m Anil Cakmak ur asmr barber. This is Asmr Sleep Meditation With Asmr Head Massage Inc. asmr head, asmr ear massage ..
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I have to say last week I was really busy. We had a lot of customers in our barber shop “The ChuckMuck". Of course it’s for me and for my collegues a pleasure to help you but some of my customers are visiting us without booking earlier. I wouldn’t like to dissappoint any of you. For this it’s better if you call us or contact us via Whatsapp before you come to visit me. This way I can spend more time with you. Thank you for your understanding.
In this video you will watch; asmr head massage, asmr ear massage, asmr scalp massage, asmr neck massage, asmr face massage, asmr back massage, asmr tool massage ..

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