ASMR | Semi-Unintelligibly Whisper Reading My Diary Super Up Close Whispering – Gibi ASMR


I was such a dramatic middle schooler omg. OKAY I *WAS* going to make this fully unintelligible but then the diary was so funny I kind of let a bunch of words past the whole “unintelligible" part LOLLL so enjoy catching as much of the baby-Gibi storyline as you can before you fall asleep! 😆

Anyway it’s really hard to do whispering like this because you essentially are holding your breath the whole time LOLL but it makes it a lot easier if you have something to read in front of you!! Of course, then it’s not fully unintelligible… so… semi-unintelligible works here, right!? Or is this just super annoying??? Let me know!

Did you keep a diary???


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