Dark Souls Remastered ASMR Playthrough #5 – Blighttown, Sen’s Fortress, Anor Londo – Ephemeral Rift


Part 5 of a calm, relaxing playthrough of Dark Souls, where after ringing the 2nd bell, we make the long trek from Blighttown to Sen’s Fortress, and then onwards to Anor Londo!

00:00:00 Good Now, Chosen Undead!
00:01:24 Quelaag’s Sister
00:03:57 Back to Blighttown
00:12:34 Valley of Drakes
00:13:44 New Londo Ruins
00:14:59 Firelink Shrine
00:17:28 Kingseeker Frampt
00:19:26 Cya Later Firelink
00:20:28 Undead Parish
00:21:19 Blacksmith Andre
00:23:11 Sen’s Fortress!
00:33:07 Sen’s Fortress Firebomb Giant
00:36:43 Crestfallen Merchant & Cage Key
00:42:20 Iron Golem 1st Attempt
00:44:10 Iron Golem 2nd Attempt
00:45:37 To Anor Londo!

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