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※私は寄り添いあなたの辛さを理解することはできますが、プロの精神科ではないです。娯楽やリラックス程度で観てくださったら嬉しいです。パニック発作、鬱などの心の病に悩む方々は迷わずプロのカウンセラーに助けを求めてください。This video is not intended to cure any mental illnesses since I am not a psychologist. Please see this video as a way to relax or feel better and seek professional help.

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Hi! Katie here:)
I often find some comments of people who are feeling down and i wanted to help them n my own way. I hope i could be of help. I think I’ll try to film this again another time cause I feel like I didn’t do very well. Anyways, I hope I could at least help you a bit with this video and if so, Please follow my twitter, instagram and subscribe&like💕Thank u for watching! love u guys and have a good night🌙💕

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