ASMR With Some Sound Sprouts (And Other Unpredictable Triggers) – Marno ASMR


Big thank you to those of you that donate to the Summer of Wishes campaign!

Link to donate:

~ Some goals / incentives ~
$500 = Trigger Request Video
$1000 = Roleplay Where You Don’t Know What Roleplay It Is
$1500 = Trigger Request Video 2.0

$2000 = ASMR at The Top of a Skyscraper

The Make-A-Wish Foundation’s “Summer of Wishes" is a campaign to help children with critical illnesses get their wishes this summer! They are trying to raise $50,000 this summer and a bunch of ASMR creators are trying to help make that happen. Wishes can vary from things like getting a pet – to surfing for the first time – to getting a tree fort in their backyard! Your donations go toward making these experiences happen, and it gives the children and their families hope!

Again, big thank you to anyone who donates!

More info about the summer of wishes:

Tonight’s Sound Sprouts are from a forest fairy that I met at Top Golf



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