ASMR Your Trigger Requests Pt. 1 (Invisible Triggers, Scalp Massage, Hand Movements & Layers) (2023) – Marno ASMR


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A couple weeks ago I asked you to request some triggers. In this video I go over a handful of the requests. Thank you to everyone who participated! Be on the lookout for Pt. 2 in a couple weeks.

0:01 Helix
2:15 – Intro

3:18 – Mic Blowing
3:41 – Invisible Triggers (some out of sync stuff)
5:39 – Spoons
5:51 – Flexed Bicep Tapping ( Bi-cep was untouched in the editing process 🌝 )
6:00 – Scalp Scratching, Styling Your Hair
9:59 – Lying to you
12:23 – Crinkles with layered water sounds (warning: the water sounds are bit aggressive)
14:57 – Fluffy Mic Cover
17:42 – Inaudible Whispers + Card Scratching + Tracing ( Shout out to @JoeDotASMR for this one)
20:09 – Inaudible Whispers + Follow The Ball
20:50 – Hand Movements + Layered sounds
22:18 – Outro

Thank you for watching!

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