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You awake to find yourself as a fir tree in one of the experiment rooms at Arkham Sanitarium, where Chief Resident Plague “Doctor" Corvus D. Clemmons decorates you with assorted objects, organisms and body parts that he miniaturized and ornamentized.

Links to props acquired from Etsy artists:
Big Toe & Toothy Tumor:
Puzzle Box:
Martian Head:
Human Dinosaur Baby:

The ERU:

00:00:00 'Tis the Season!
00:01:18 How You Ended Up Here
00:04:00 A Brief Checkup
00:05:38 Obtaining a Sample
00:11:01 Lil’ Bottle o’ Plague
00:13:53 The Professor’s Big Toe
00:18:08 Toothy Tumor
00:22:19 Not-So-Flying Pig Experiment
00:25:27 Rubber Chicken
00:28:29 Someone’s Eyeball
00:31:59 Patient Florence Hamilton
00:34:03 A Patient’s Brain
00:36:58 A Puzzle Box
00:39:53 The Martian Leader’s Head
00:43:00 Patient Bubba’s Chainsaw
00:44:44 Mini Corvus Clone
00:46:10 Kevin’s (Cthulhu’s) Head
00:48:48 Patient Bob Ross
00:50:27 A Tardis
00:52:27 Human Dinosaur Baby Experiment
00:55:33 Tree Topper
00:57:19 The End Result

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Ephemeral Rift
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