ASMR Unboxing Sony A7 IV / 200-600mm / 24-70mm + Test Photos – Ephemeral Rift


A relaxing unboxing with plenty of ASMR triggers throughout (crinkling, tapping, etc.) of the Sony full frame camera gear that I upgraded & switched to, for both channel & wildlife photography / videography purposes. Included in this video are the Sony A7 IV, Sony 24-70mm lens, Sony 200-600mm lens (my first ever zoom lens), a few accessories, and test photos taken over the course of two days.

00:00:00 Good Now!
00:00:28 Why the New Gear + My Old Gear
00:06:21 Camcorder Crackling Sounds
00:07:42 Rambling…
00:09:21 A7 IV Camera Unboxing
00:18:53 A7 IV Closeup Look & Sounds
00:26:40 24-70mm Lens Unboxing
00:33:15 24-70 Closeup Look & Sounds
00:35:37 Accessories (Battery, Charger, Lens Cover)
00:38:07 200-600mm Lens Unboxing
00:46:51 200-600 Closeup Look & Sounds
00:51:12 Attaching 200-600 Lens to Camera
00:52:45 Removing 200-600 Lens Foot
00:53:10 End of Unboxing
00:54:29 Test Photos Part Begins Here
00:59:26 Actual Photos Start Here
01:09:21 Signing Off

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Ephemeral Rift
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