Which SCP Object Class Are You? ASMR – Ephemeral Rift


You are an anomaly of unknown origin and power being contained at an SCP Foundation facility, where one of the doctors performs a routine series of observations and tests to determine your classification, and what might trigger your anomalous qualities.

The SCP Foundation: https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/

My SCP ASMR Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvYncOsqMfxxWhvPGpMzowXfWKL8A_zv0

00:00:00 The Foundation’s Special Concoction
00:01:19 So Many Questions
00:02:44 The Recording & Translation Devices
00:04:00 Why You Are Being Contained
00:06:50 Class: Safe
00:09:13 Class: Euclid
00:11:05 Class: Keter
00:12:04 Class: Thaumiel
00:13:10 (Class: Neutralized)
00:13:50 Class: Apollyon
00:15:13 Class: Archon
00:17:40 Initial Observations & Notes
00:24:36 Obtaining Your Measurements
00:32:48 Making a Sketch of You
00:40:59 The Trigger Words Test
00:52:21 A Visual Examination
00:54:16 What Is Your Purpose?
00:55:43 The Doctor’s Locked Box
00:59:36 The Poking & Prodding Test
01:03:00 The Hand Movements Test
01:06:23 Obtaining a Material Sample
01:09:43 The Audio Triggers Test
01:17:00 Concluding the Session
01:18:16 Final Notes
01:21:41 [REDACTED]
01:25:00 Until Next Time…

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Ephemeral Rift
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