Wildlife Photography ASMR | First Month with the Sony 200-600mm & A7 IV – Ephemeral Rift


A relaxing closeup look and some anecdotes of the various wildlife photos I’ve captured during the first month of owning my first ever zoom lens, the Sony 200-600mm, along with the equally newly acquired A7 IV camera.

00:00:00 Intro / About this Video
00:05:24 Bald Eagle in Flight
00:07:56 Bald Eagle vs Osprey
00:11:11 Bald Eagles Quarrelling
00:12:45 Barn Swallows
00:16:15 Black-necked Stilt Shorebird
00:17:47 Blue Jay
00:20:43 Bumblebee in Flight
00:22:25 Canadian Geese & Ducklings
00:28:48 Common Yellowthroat
00:31:35 Cormorants
00:35:38 Dragonfly (Blue Dasher)
00:37:27 Eastern Kingbird
00:38:10 Egrets (Snowy Egret & Great Egret)
00:39:55 Great Blue Heron
00:43:05 Mating Baltimore Orioles
00:46:35 Mute Swans
00:48:47 Osprey Catches Fish
00:52:56 Shorebirds (not Plovers, maybe Dunlins or Sandpipers)
00:55:39 Song Sparrow
00:56:25 Squirrel
00:57:53 Turtles
01:02:40 Wood Ducks

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