Whatever It Takes to Put You to Sleep ASMR – Ephemeral Rift


As the title unequivocally proclaims: I do whatever it takes, with one minor exception, to make sure you get the relaxation, tingles, and most importantly: the sleep that you so desperately need in these trying times, as you seek sanctuary from the din and chaos from both the world outside, and the one inside your own mind.

00:00:00 Good Now
00:01:49 Clicking Vision-improvers
00:04:46 Metal Container of Flammable Liquid
00:08:22 Sulfur Tipped Wood Sticks
00:14:00 Lighting Sulfur Tipped Wood Sticks
00:18:58 Crinkly Jacket
00:29:21 80 Fluid Ounces of Pickle Juice
00:39:20 Murdering Your Inner Demons
00:46:20 Clobbering Your Anxiety & Depression
00:50:06 Pillow of an Unknown Elderly God
00:56:11 Monster Hands
01:02:49 Crinkly Bag of Packing Peanuts

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