ASMR Your Face is Glass, Plastic, Whispers, a Brush, and a Keyboard (Product Testing) – Marno ASMR


Hello! Welcome to the product testing facility!

In this roleplay you are 5 different volunteers with 5 different faces.

Thanks for volunteering / watching.

Shout out to Eevy ASMR for the Inspo! There are probably 100 creators that have done something similar at this point, but I’m pretty sure it was Eevy who started the “my face is…" trend.

If you feel like it, link your favorite “your/my face is…" video in the comments.

One of Eevy’s vids that I love: (not relevant to this video lol)

After further investigation it looks like it was Seafoam Kitten’s ASMR who done thought it up, so credit to her as well!
Her video:

aaaand, as always, thanks for being understanding when there are big gaps in my uploads! I see the support in the comments while I am taking my sweet time and I greatly appreciate it! I am confident I’ll have more videos more often for the next few months, so check back baaabbbyyyy!

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