ASMR | Chrollo Lucilfer Buys You a Drink in Yorknew City – Gibi ASMR


Sooo this video was a bit of a passion project… I was trying to fall asleep to some ASMR and I was like damn I REALLY wish there was a Chrollo video of when he was at the hotel restaurant — but there WASNT so I MADE ONE. 🙂
This was a fun challenge and couldn’t have been possible without some awesome individuals who deserve all the love!

Green screen, background elements, and video effects by ASMR WEEKLY! He is SO freaking talented. Please do me, and yourself, a huge solid and subscribe to his channel:

Editing & Sound editing of course by the incredible VEST


Phantom Troupe voices (Shalnark, Feitan, Nobunaga, & Hisoka) done by Brendan!

(I did the other waitress’ voice and Machi’s voice!)

While doing research for the script I was heavily inspired by this fantastic video essay by Aleczandxr!

This video is pretty much fully based on an actual episode of HxH, so there is the potential for spoilers!!!
My premise is that you are a hunter with the same ability as Neon Nostrade; but in this universe she doesn’t exist, so it’s you instead… 😀 You’re in Yorknew City for the big underground auction, where all of the mafia will be bidding on the rarest of items.
Watch Hunter x Hunter!! ITS MY FAVORITE ;-;
This character’s name is Chrollo Lucilfer! He is … an antagonist lol but an incredibly written one.

Alriiiiight! I hope you enjoy … let me know what you think… I know this one is super niche but again, it’s just one I really wanted to make (':
I have a HxH OC ASMR vid as well if you’d like more!

Sleep well hunters!
Gibi ~

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