ASMR | Spongebob Squarepants Gives You a Tour of the Krusty Krab – Gibi ASMR


Oh MAN I’ve been meaning to do this video for literal years, so I finally just DID IT — doing a Spongebob script was really intimidating!! There is SO MUCH content, so shoutout to our bff Ray for helping me source the references and also help me proofread/edit the script :))

So let’s have Spongebob take you on a tour of the KRUSTY KRAB and what he gets to do all day, you lucky dog— fish…. you…!

Me trying to do Spongebob’s voice/accent kind of makes him sound like an Epic Redditor lol listen let me have this

RIP to the great, Stephen Hillenburg ♥️

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PS this video is dedicated to Mitch Grassi uwu

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