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WELL HEY! I went on one of those sites where it’s just all weird and random gifts/toys, and tried to pick things I thought would be great for ASMR!!! How’d I do!? Vest and I both agree the crunchy stress ball is INVITED BACK to the party if u kno what I mean

0:00 – Intro
1:56 – Glow in the Dark Basketball
6:30 – Crinkly OllyBall
11:40 – Markers Introduction
14:10 – Marker Swatching
25:58 – Giant Playing Cards
31:05 – Giant Squishy Bingsu Stress Ball
35:20 – Qubes
37:25 – Saturated Qubes
44:25 – Super Spinny Ball

Oh man this is the last one before we go back to 3 a week!! Really flew by huh? ;D I feel a LOT lot lot lot lot better. It really was the catch-up I needed. Hopefully the new work schedule I’ve put in place will continue to work, and I’ll be in a much better place than before in terms of time management! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was so sweet and kind; sayin’ things like you were looking forward to Saturdays now ((((':


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